Round-Up: Quiet

**This post was originally published by Kerry at Fishbowl Fortune for The Zelie Group**


January is a quiet time of year. We put away our Christmas celebration and maybe take a break. We’re nostalgic and thoughtful of the year to come. The weather takes a turn for the worse and we stay closer to home. In January, members of the Zelie Group used their blogs to talk about the notion of quiet. Let’s revisit some of those great posts.


Chiara guest posted here last week and wrote about savouring the noise of family life in “In Search of Quiet“. If you enjoy her writing, be sure to visit her at The Pearl of Great Price.

Anni asks “Is the Lack of Quiet Really Bad?” in one of her January posts. It’s about the nature of children and the importance of loving our family for what it is in this noisy season of life.

Kirby gives some practical advice about Achieving Quiet When You Have a Busy Life.

Alicia shares her journey of faith through illness and her relationship with quietness in Hiding From Quiet.

Christina, one of our newest members, joins us with “Down With the Quiet Room“. Have you experienced the quiet room as a Christian Mom? Visit Christina and let her know how you felt about it.

Ginny shares her understanding of miracles, large and small in Quiet Miracles.


In From Static to Silence Ginny talks about turning off the noise and experiencing clarity through prayer. Also, check out A Reason for Quiet, where Anni discussions the quietness of God’s presence.

Jessica writes about the Catholic Sacrament of Confession (or Reconciliation) that leaves your heart and soul quiet so that it is prepared to hear God speak. Kerry wrote about finding a unique kind of stillness at Adoration .


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