Sacrifice Defined

In the garden of Gethsemane
on a starry night,
our lord kneels in prayer
contemplating his plight.

Dripping tears of sweat and blood,
He knew they would come.
He offers up prayers.
The Father’s will be done.

With a kiss, a small kiss
His love is betrayed.
Shackled and whipped
the King becomes a slave.

They leer at Him,
jeer at Him, kick and spit.
three times, dear Peter
knowledge of Jesus, did resist.

A crown of thorns,
our King we do heed!
A coarse robe of purple
rests against his back while it bleeds.

Poor Mary, oh Mary.
Oh how she does weep.
See her son,
led through the streets.

Crucify Him,
crucify Him!
The people yell.

Crucify him,
crucify him
in his misery they revel.

Crucify him,
Crucify him!
Nails in his hands and his feet,

Crucify him,
Crucify him!
a cross is raised in the heat.

On the cross,  his body hangs
Son under Sun.
Flesh on display,
the Spirit has won.

Blood on the ground
from our Lord did it spill
Tears from his mother
of her pain it reveals.

Crucify Him,
crucify Him!
Let the Angels Come!

Crucify Him,
crucify Him!
Behold his kingdom!

Limbs and sinews
stretch in protest.
A human body
is put through its final test.

Come down from the cross!
Save yourself my soul cries!
Come down from the cross!
Do not be crucified!

His will be done
the cup does not pass.
His will be done
suffering to the last.

A sacrifice is made
a sin is mended.
Through body and blood
a covenant is amended.

At the right hand he sits,
raised in three days time.
A sacrifice was made
for your sake and  for mine.



4 thoughts on “Sacrifice Defined

    1. Thank you! Praise God! I wrestle with The Passion. The Sorrowful Mysteries are very difficult for me. Now reading this today I see how God used this as a bit of therapy for me. I appreciate your kind words!


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