When He Rose

Woven with the wind,
a mantle of jewels
a shroud of perpetual longing
and thought.
Freedom, fair days, Fridays,
Fall, Falling, Fallen-


Caught up in an embrace
of love and compassion,
an eternal life promised
that can never be


Erased, Erasing, Erase-
conquered by
unbroken, everlasting,
infinite, endearing, nearing
the end,
which is only the


Beginning, Began, Begin-
it is a gift
from Him, the I AM, the Dove,
birthed from Faith
that gives way to


Love of a cross
Stained with his blood.
Hang, Hanging, Hung
Bleed, Bleeding, Bled
Save, Saving, Saved-


Dead to those without hope
and to those who know no better
to those who despair,
who forget to care.
The sins of the world they wear
on their face…
with lies..
in their heart.
from His light
they dart.
No hope he will


Rise, Rising, Risen-
to the littlest much is given.
A King who washes feet,
begets a kingdom of unimaginable glory
foretold in Old Testament Stories.
Remember the manna we did


Eat, Eating, Eaten-
Blood and body are one.
Bread and Wine
no longer
The New Passover Lamb Has come.




7 thoughts on “When He Rose

    1. Kimberly , the suffering of Jesus has always left me conflicted and this Lent I strove to look at it /understand it from a spiritual level instead of focusing on the physical suffering


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