Themes of Bloggers Intersect at the Beauty of the Catholic Church

Every month, several of our Everyday Ediths writers participate in a Catholic Women Blogging Network (CWBN) blog hop, hosted over at Reconciled to You. We join together with over a dozen other bloggers, writing on the same topic. Then, all the posts go live around the same time, providing our readers with a convenient landing space to read others’ thoughts.

This month, the theme for the CWBN blog hop was,

How my Catholic Faith helps me worry less.

As I cross-referenced that theme with the Everyday Ediths’ theme this month of “Hope,” I realized there was a substantial cross-over between the two themes!

The Catholic Faith serves to bring people to a personal relationship with God. The Church, established by Christ Himself, wants us to keep faith in God, and provides us with hope.

There is comfort in something familiar, and the Catholic Church becomes a familiar entity when a person has been attending for a while. Because it is universal, no matter where in the world you find yourself, the Mass itself is the same – the order of the Mass, the readings of the Mass, and the most important part, the Consecration, are the same. And, that, in itself, is comforting. With comfort typically comes lowered anxiety!

So, I encourage you to check out our Everyday Ediths’ contributing bloggers’ responses to how their Catholic Faith helps them worry less. In the words of St. Padre Pio,

Padre Pio Quote for EE

Because the beauty of the Catholic Church shines through by helping us hope… for a better world, and for a beautiful life after death!


Alicia, from Sweeping Up Joy explores how her family’s situation, tackling chronic illness, is addressed – via her Faith, via the Mass, via Prayer – in her article, “Anxiety, Faith, and the Outcome Spectrum Method.” While not expecting a miracle, she finds strength in her Faith, and how she will continue to find support in receiving the source and summit of Christianity – in the Eucharist.

Anni, from A Beautiful Camouflaged Mess of A Life showcases how her fledgling (childhood) relationship with the Church evolved as she re-verted back to her Catholic Faith upon the birth of her son – who is now four years old. Furthermore, in “Faith, Hope, & Divine Mercy,” she addresses how learning about the Divine Mercy message and devotion has helped provide her with strength and courage in the midst of tragedies, difficulties, and through being a sinner.

Leslie, from Life in Every Limb explores how her anxiety and worries are only recent additions to her life. In “How My Faith Helps Me Worry Less,” she then delves into how she is relying more on her faith to address and tackle those worries and anxieties, and explores how reliance on, “…if Jesus said it, it must be true,” helps her face those situations. She then also explores how her new prayer technique is helping her unfold the beauty of a deeper reliance on God – for strength and comfort!

We would love to hear from our readers… how does your Faith help you worry less? How do you find hope through difficult situations? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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