~Many Faces of Motherhood~ A Collection~


The Reluctant Mother

I’m pregnant?
I’m sorry, what did you say?
A human being is coming out of me?
In How many days?

Oh Sweet Jesus,
How can this be?
I’ve got so many plans
I’m not ready for a family.

A child is coming,
from my womb?
If this is such a joyous occasion,
why do I feel doomed?

I hear you speaking words,
but I do not quite understand.
Right now I seriously wish,
I’d been born a man!

Excuse me,  Doc!
You’re going to need to slow your roll.
Motherhood has a price,
and I’m not down with that toll!

Okay, okay..
it’s starting to sink in,
Motherhood is the beginning.
I guess it’s not the end.

ancient-1850104_1920The Spiritual Mother

What makes a mother a mother?
Is it simply bringing forth life?
What about the desire
to ease suffering and strife.

What makes a mother a mother?
Must I nurse an infant?
What about nourishing the mind and soul,
instilling God’s intent?

What makes a mother a mother?
Is it the number of children I bare?
What of my servant’s heart,
and with those whom, it, I do share?

What makes a mother a mother?
Is it limited to biology?
Even if I have no children,
as a mother- can I be seen?


A Mother’s Loss

I saw you in my dreams,
held you in my arms.
Nursed you at my breast,
promised to keep you from all harm.

It wasn’t to be, to be, to be,
Why me? Why me? Why me?

I carried you in my belly,
waiting for you to grow.
Couldn’t wait to meet you!
So eager of you to know.

It wasn’t to be, to be, to be,
Why me? Why me? Why me?

One minute you were here
safe and sound inside,
The next thing you are rushing out,
in an angry red tide.

It wasn’t to be, to be, to be.
Why me? Why me? Why me?

I cry myself to sleep,
thinking about what could have been.
I’m counting off  the days
until we’re reunited in Heaven.

It wasn’t to be, to be, to be.
Why me? Why me? Why me?

For now my little saint,
watch your mother from above.
Whilst you sit upon the Savior’s knee
whisper to Him of my love.

woman-1701625_1920A Mother’s Regret

I didn’t ask for you,
need you,
want you,
don’t care.

They watch me now,
with their judgmental stares.

I can’t take care of you,
don’t want to,
don’t have to,
it’s not to be.

You want my freedom.
You want all of me.

It’s my body.
My property.
My self.
My choice.

You’re not even a human yet,
you have no voice.

You’re a mistake,
a disaster,
a misstep
a catastrophe.

It’s the law.
It’s all up to me.

I didn’t ask for you,
didn’t need you,
didn’t want you
didn’t care.

So why do I now fill empty?
Why do I wish you were still here?

pansy-2173953_1920A Wishful Mother’s Haiku

Oh Sweet Soul, do come.
Empty cradle to be filled.
A Spring’s planted prayer.

the-annunciation-1125149_1920The Ultimate Mother

Twelve stars upon your head rests,
a diadem of the world.
Born clean without sin,
to bring forth a child foretold.

A necklace of wool in one hand,
beads of prayer in the other,
To your immaculate heart we pledge
and you, shall be called Mother.

Never reluctant or dismayed,
against the devil you did prevail.
A new covenant you brought forth,
your sweet name the angel did hail.

Love us like you love him,
Bring us closer to your son.
Carry to him our petitions
as we praise him with a song.

Oh Blessed Virgin Mary
as pure as fresh snow,
Oh Lady of Sweet Virtue
our love for you we show.

Oh most Holy Mother
honor we give to you,
As you stand in the Heavens
your feet upon the moon.

Oh Mother of Mercy,
pray for us this day
ask your Sacred Son
to show us the way.

With a yes you changed the world,
With a yes, His will was done
With a yes, The Word was conceived
With a yes, His kingdom has come.

-cal, 17


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