Motherhood Meets Holiness in Our Daily Lives: Roundup of Everyday Ediths CWBN Blog Hop Responses


It’s a journey filled with peaks and valleys. In today’s society, it’s also too often filled with doubts, fears, worries, and anxieties. Many of us worry for our children’s futures, whether or not our children are being given every opportunity to succeed, and we feel the pressure of comparisons between ourselves and other mothers.

What is a mom to do?!

Some moms advocate yoga to relieve the stress. Other moms are open about sharing how their passion for other physical activities help them alleviate the stressors they find themselves under. Meditation is also a commonly identified way to help focus all your body’s energy on centering one’s self.

CWBN Blog Hop Feature Image May

This month’s Catholic Women Bloggers Network (CWBN) topic folded easily into the Everyday Ediths’ monthly theme of mothering.

With all our stress of motherhood, how do we take a moment to seek the holiness in our daily lives?

What are the many ways to pray?

Prayer will, most times, reduce anxiety and stress levels. Turning our worries, concerns, and fears over to God is a skill for all of us to hone, but it is guaranteed to be a rewarding venture, as we seek to grow our relationship with Our Creator.

Several of our Everyday Ediths writers explore various ways they are able to search for, and find holiness while they go about their avocation of motherhood:

  • In 9 Ways I Chase Holiness in Daily Life: Different Ways to Pray, Anni explores The Examen prayer technique, and how she realistically finds ways to pray during her days with small children. She also acknowledges her struggle with listening to God during prayer – she feels she’s got a handle on the talking aspect of prayer, but with the hustle and bustle of littles, finds it difficult to hear the other side of the conversation!
  • Open about her difficulty with loving herself, and exploring that common difficulty among women, Ginny asserts in On the Path to Holiness: Learning to Love Myself God’s plans and designs for herself, and for all women, are not flawed at all. He created every single one of us beautiful in His sight, and we can be courageous in embracing our womanhood, and reminding ourselves we are all beloved daughters of the King.
  • Open about being a tactile learner, in A Tactile Prayer Life: Making Your Family Altar, Kirby shares how having a family altar helps her center herself, and her family, into a rewarding relationship with Christ. She explains what she places on the altar, and the ways they help her become connected with Our Lord. She encourages her readers to consider whether or not they have a family altar, and what we have on them.
  • Identifying her favorite prayers growing up, Leslie then transitions into exploring a newer prayer technique in How I Learned a New Way to Pray. Acknowledging her initial skepticism at this technique, she shares how this specific technique has helped deepen and strengthen her prayer life in unimaginable ways.

Don’t miss some other insights by various other Catholic Women bloggers, by visiting Reconciled to You’s CWBN Blog Hop. Explore new, creative, and practical ways other Catholic women incorporate their quest for holiness through prayer in their daily lives.

And, as always, we at Everyday Ediths would love to hear from you in the comments:

  • How do you seek, and find, moments to prayer during your day to day routine?
  • How does your prayer life help strengthen your chosen vocation?

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