Lifeguards and Leaps of Faith


I grew up in my grandparent’s pool. All of us grandkids spent summers in our bathing suits, pretty much only drying off enough to come inside for sleep or snacks. The adults took turns watching us in the pool, and most of the time would join us in the splash zone. With eight (sometimes more) kids having water wars, sitting anywhere less than ten feet away from the pool’s edge was guaranteed to get you soaked… but they sat there faithfully- despite the water flying into their faces or the sun beating down on them- to make sure we were safe and did not drown.

There is usually a line of wet children waiting to jump off the diving board!



I have many memories of swimming around with my siblings and cousins (pretending to be mermaids, of course!), having cannonball competitions from the diving board, and crawling around the edge of the pool “like crabs” until our fingers were raw. We are all very comfortable in the water, and I firmly believe this is because of the trust we had in our lifeguards.

The first memory I have of my grandparent’s pool is jumping off the edge into my father’s arms. I was absolutely terrified. But he assured me that he would NOT let me drown, and so I took a leap of faith- putting my trust into his open arms- and jumped into the water! The more I jumped (and survived!), the more I trusted him. The more I trusted him, the easier it was to jump.


One of my siblings jumping into my dad’s arms as I did when I was younger! 


This is an activity I still do today, although a slightly different setting… I am still learning to put my trust my Father’s open arms and take leaps of faith. Only instead of jumping into my physical father’s arms in the waters of my grandparent’s pool, I am jumping into my Heavenly Father’s arms in the waters of this earthly life. I am learning to trust His promise that He will NOT let me drown.  And the more I trust Him, the easier it gets to jump.

I wasn’t aware of the parallel when I was still in the single-digit age group, but as I grow older I am more and more aware of how big those little moments were. I knew I could trust my father’s lifeguarding skills, and now I know I can trust my Heavenly Father’s lifeguarding skills… It amazes me that learning to trust my father would help me trust THE Father.

And it’s also nice to know my Lifeguard walks on water! 😉



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