The Friendship Found in Mary, the Mother of God

Happy Feast of the Assumption of Mary!

Today is certainly a day of celebration, and a day we can turn to the shining example of what living a life focused on answering God’s call for us can lead – to the resurrection of the body, and life after death.

We know, through profession of the Apostles’ Creed, that this is our belief; we have faith this will come to pass. We find example in Mary’s own assumption – body and soul, united with her Son in heaven. For more thoughts on this, head over to my blog post today at Beautiful Camouflage, to read further about the Assumption of Mary.

Throughout her life, Mary provided us with the pristine model of perfection – of how to live in the world, but not quite of the world. She provided us with a model of womanhood, motherhood, and friendship.

The Friendship Found in Mary,Mother of GodAnd, Mary continues to provide a model of womanhood, motherhood, and friendship to us today, centuries later.

Mary continues to extend her hand to all of us, imploring us to regard her as a mother – a mother who will always have our backs, grieves for the poor choices we makes, but ultimately loves us unconditionally.

She also extends the hand of friendship to us, willing to correct us when we are wrong, willing to stand by us, and always willing to lend a supportive shoulder and listening ear when we are troubled.

Most importantly, Mary uses her role as woman, mother, and friend to lead us to the most magnificent treasure – her Divine Son!

She invites all of us into a deeper relationship with her Son, our Savior, the Man who saved us all.

But, I have a confession to make.

I didn’t always see her as being a friend… Sure, I saw her as a mother-figure, and the mother of God, but I didn’t think of her as a friend.

St. Teresa of Calcutta is credited with saying,

Don’t expect your friend to be a perfect person. But, help your friend to become a perfect person. That’s true friendship.

What I have come to recognize is that Mary, through her example of love, fidelity to God, and the care she showed others, is calling all of us to perfection.

She is reaching through our troubled souls, drawing us to a transformative relationship with Christ, determined to encourage us to seek the perfection which lies in the beauty and love of God.

She knows we will, at times, struggle against her; she knows we will falter in attaining true perfection in this life.

However, she has faith in us…

faith in our goodness…

faith in our love…

and faith in the hope of our salvation.

And, as a true friend, she is championing our cause. She will not fail to draw us nearer to our own salvation through her Son, Christ, if we are willing to be open to her assistance.

Therein lies the beauty of Mary and her friendship.

On today’s Feast of the Assumption of Mary, may we all take a moment to reflect on the hand Mary holds out for us…

… the friendship she offers us…

… and, the promise she leads us to…

Christ the King!

14 thoughts on “The Friendship Found in Mary, the Mother of God

  1. I forget to think of our relationship to Mary as also being one of friendship. I tend to think of her as mother and then stop there. But just like with our earthly mothers, our relationship with our heavenly mother should, and does, grow as we grow. It would not make sense to continue to relate to my earthly mother the same way I did as a 5 year old, yet I easily let my relationship with Mary stay immature.

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    1. I would like to use the excuse that it’s easy to overlook that part of a relationship with her because she isn’t tangibly here. But, that is a mere excuse. And, I, too, am working to grow that mature side of relationship with her, too!


  2. I like this idea! I’ve been leading meditations where we step into Mary’s place in the mysteries of the Rosary, and then learn about virtue from the experience. I’ve experienced such a change already, in the way I perceive Mary walking beside me, as well as guarding me from above. It’s opened my eyes to my need for Mary’s friendship!

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  3. jgblackburn

    I hadn’t thought about our relationship with her as one of friendship! That makes so much sense! I admit that years ago, because I wasn’t catechized very well growing up, I didn’t understand the devotion to Mary. It was never explained to me, it was just something we were supposed to do. But, after becoming a mother myself, I finally got it. My doula for my first two births had me meditate on an image of resting my head in Mary’s lap through contractions, stroking my hair, with Jesus by my side. It’s such a beautiful and calming image to meditate on! I’ve really enjoyed reading more about Mary’s Assumption today.

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    1. I had to really learn the difference between Jesus’ role, and Mary’s role. Once I realized she is only trying to get us to a deeper relationship with Him – instead of “worshiping her” – it began to make all the sense in the world.

      I love that your doula did that for you!! What amazing imagery!

      Thank you for reading and commenting!


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