CWBN Blog Hop Round-up: Mary, Our Mother

“Love our Lady, and she will obtain abundant grace to help you in your daily struggle.” – St. Josemaria Escriva

I taught my mother the Hail Mary when I was four years old. She was a convert, her final stumbling block a relationship with the Virgin Mary. I must have picked it up somewhere, not sure where, but I distinctly remember sitting with her on the edge of the bed, repeating the words over and over.


It was 35 years ago, and in the ensuing decades my mother has developed quite the devotion to Our Lady. She has relied on Our Blessed Mother for prayer, spiritual support, and yes, even friendship – the sort of friendship that only another mother can provide.

Several of the members of Everyday Ediths are part of the Catholic Women Blogger Network, a wider circle of bloggers united by their love of Christ, their devotion to Holy Mother Church, and their desire to evangelize the beauty of our faith. The CWBN blog hop went live this morning, and as the members have shared their thoughts on Mary as mother and friend, our monthly theme once again aligns itself providentially with the topic of this month’s hop. Read on for a beautiful selection of reflections on Mother Mary as a guiding light to her Son.

Not So Formulaic

“So on days when you feel lonely, when you feel defeated and ignored by God, run to your Mother Mary. Mary will sustain you, comfort you, pray with you. She will stand with you against that which seeks to tear you from the heart of Christ.

You are lovely. You are beautiful. You are worthy.

Let Mary walk with you toward her Son.”

Beautiful Camouflage

However, my job as a mother is to love unconditionally, and support my children in their endeavors – not physically, but emotionally and spiritually. My job is to pray for them, even if I am struggling to like their attitudes or their actions. My job is to be the mother they need.

She taught me motherhood isn’t about me. Instead, it is about the little ones in my life – no matter how big they get.”

Life in Every Limb

“A couple of years ago I started creating quotation images of the Blessed Mother to share on my blog’s Facebook page during the month of May.  I’ve been meaning to gather them into one post, and this month’s CWBN blog hop, with a theme of Mary, My Mother, is the perfect occasion for that.”


Oh Mother of Mercy,

pray for us this day

ask your Sacred Son

to show us the way.

With a yes you changed the world,

With a yes, His will was done

With a yes, The Word was conceived

With a yes, His kingdom has come.

How has Mary been a mother to you?


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