Conversations With God: Sacrifice

Dear God,

“I do not like to think about sacrifice.”

“Why Not?”

“Cause it’s painful”

“Yes, tell me about it!”

“Was that a joke?”

“Sacrifice is a difficult subject. I like to lighten it up a bit.”

“What’s the point in sacrifice? Why is it necessary?”

“Why isn’t it necessary?”

“Why did Jesus have to die?”

“Oh you jumped right into it, no beating around the burning bush.

” Why didn’t he come with a chariot of fire and an army of angels. Why did he have to hurt?”

“He hurt because he was human. He suffered because you suffer. He died that you may live forever. Sacrifice is not a punishment. It is a profession of love; an outward sign of genuine affection born of humility and service. When done begrudgingly it fosters compassion and perseverance. Sacrifice utilizes temperance and prudence to nurture way to enlightenment.” 

“I will try. I fear I will falter, flounder, and fail.”

“Then, I will console, council, and catch you, for you are my beloved.”









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