Lord, Help Me Keep My Faith

I sat and looked at the blank screen. I jotted down a couple lines about faith, looked at the Catechism, did a little research, scribbled out the lines and rewrote new ones, and in the end, none of it made any sense. There were too many thoughts and absolutely no cohesion and so I leaned on my faith and said a little prayer.

I said a prayer for faith and then I wrote a prayer for faith.

lord_help_me_keep_my_faithLord, Help Me Keep My Faith


Holy Spirit I implore You to explore my heart for crevices and cracks
To look into my soul for injury and illness
And to remedy it with Your Love, Mercy, and Forgiveness

Lord, help me keep my faith.

I am fragile and fallible
I repeatedly fall down in my mission to please You
Help me to remain resilient in the knowledge that You are most pleased when I have nothing to offer but my devotion

Lord, help me keep my faith.

Help me remain devoted to You in all things
Help me keep my resilence when desperation knocks at the door
Help me look to You when my vision fails
Help me trust You during times of despair
Help me find a way back to You whenever I stray
Help me remain obedient to You when chaos calls
Help me seek Your light when sunlight fades

Lord, help me keep my faith.

When I’m standing on the mountaintop it’s so easy to see the glory of Your sunrises
When I’m in the valley help me to remember that there’s also beauty in Your sunsets

Lord, help me keep my faith.

You are my Light, my Hope, and my Salvation
I can do nothing without You
Find in me a humble servant with a willing heart
Create in me a sanctuary for Your Spirit to thrive
Use me to proclaim Your glory until my last breath

Lord, help me keep my faith.

I know this life is a marathon and not a sprint and Your Spirit gives me the perseverance of faith to keep me on course. You are the Victor. Help me follow in Your footsteps and cross the finish line into eternity with outstretched arms running toward You, my Heavenly Father

Lord, help me keep my faith.


By Brittany, Everyday Thoughts


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