The Beauty of Our Faith

There are periods of time that I am ON FIRE for God, but in all honesty those moments are few and far between.

Although I would love to say that I think about faith- my faith, our faith, the Catholic faith- on a regular basis, the truth is that I don’t. In so many ways it is something I take for granted, part of a daily or weekly routine. The religious art around my home fades into the background, I rush through my prayers, and I drag my feet to Mass.

Don’t get me wrong- my routine practices of Catholicism have been my saving grace (pun slightly intended). Mass obligations have kept me going when chaos hit the fan and my life was spinning out of control. Rote prayers have given me words to say to God when my heart was numb. Seemingly mundane Bible studies have pulled me out of the darkest days I’ve ever experienced.

I’m sure we’ve all gone through those times, when spiritual warfare is at its strongest and faith itself feels useless.

But I’m not going to focus on that specifically right now. No, there’s something else that has been on my mind this month as all the ladies of Everyday Ediths have been talking about FAITH.

I’m not sure there’s one specific word for what has been occupying my mind, but the closest I can get is BEAUTY.

Our faith is a complex, sacred thing. It is transformative, motivating, stabilizing, and liberating- all at the same time. That’s part of the beauty.

Our God is a God of Love, Mercy, Compassion. He is always there with open arms, waiting for us to come running to Him. He forgives us before we even have a chance to say we are sorry. He loves us even when we have turned our back on Him and are cursing His name. That’s part of the beauty.

Each of us can experience some sort of roller coaster- twists and turns and falls and peaks- on our journey toward heaven. Sometimes tears of joy stream down our face as our hearts burst from communion with our Lord. Other times we may feel numb and question God’s existence. But each of these extremes help us appreciate His work in our lives. That’s part of the beauty.

I know people who aren’t sure if they believe in God. I know people who are strong in their faith. I know people who are preparing for their first Communion. I know people who are preparing for Confirmation. I know people who are preparing for Matrimony. I know people who pray all day, every day. I know people who only pray once in a while. I know people who have just recently come to know Jesus. I know people who have been devout Christians their entire lives. We are all at very different stages with our faith, and nobody is exactly at the same point as anyone else at any given time. That’s part of the beauty.

As women of the Church, we play a special role in bringing our faith into our homes, our communities, the domestic Church. We have the job that ONLY a woman can do, providing the unique nurturing that comes specifically from the feminine genius. We are physical mothers to the future of our faith and spiritual mothers to the innocent, weak, lonely, fragile, and brokenhearted. That’s part of the beauty.

There are countless other examples that flood my mind as I continue to focus on the beauty of Catholicism… Instead of listing them all, I want to use this opportunity to encourage you to identify and focus on the beauty YOU see in our faith!

What aspect of being a Catholic woman brings you the most joy? Where do you see God’s Love shine brightest? When have you felt the power of the Holy Spirit? What is most beautiful to you about our faith?

Hold on to that beauty, keep it close to your heart. Allow it to help you through those routine and mundane times. Know that even when you are at your darkest, there are more beautiful things to come.


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