Put on Femininity with Every Outfit


Blue jeans.

Red Converse shoes.

That’s my go-to outfit. I’m not even kidding. It’s rare that I wear anything other than that out in public. I’ll put on a dress for Mass and gym clothes for my workouts, but what I listed above is my power suit.


Would you believe that this outfit is what I feel most feminine in? I know it’s not the typical representation of society’s standards of “femininity”, but let me assure you- this outfit is most certainly feminine!

Let’s take a look at femininity… what is it exactly?

Well, Oxford Dictionary defines femininity as “qualities or attributes regarded as characteristic of women”.

The Catholic Church tells us that these qualities are receptivity, sensitivity, generosity, and maternity. The four key aspects to the “feminine genius”.

Do either of these sources mention lace? Pearls? Pastel pink and flowing skirts?


Do they forbid bold colors? Functional clothing? Funky patterns? Graphic shirts?


There’s something to be said for both of these styles, and you certainly don’t have to pick only one or the other.

The Blessed Mother wore a veil. Saint Joan of Arc wore armor. Whatever you are comfortable in, whatever makes you feel empowered, whatever covers your body so you can go out and fulfill God’s will for your life- that’s the perfect outfit to reflect your femininity.

For me, that means jeans and Chucks so I can go be my active self and take care of all the responsibilities that come with my vocation of being a wife.

Embracing our femininity is about embracing our dignity and meaning. It is about combining our talents and experiences to fulfill God’s calling for us. It is about living out our vocations and discovering how to influence all those around us. It is about being daughters of God and imitating the Church- the Bride of Christ.

So no matter what you decide to wear, put on femininity with every outfit.

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