The Freedom I Find in Free Will

I’m gonna let you all in on a little secret… I don’t always choose to love God!

There. I said it. Sometimes I willing choose to do things that hurt Him. Not that I do it out of spite or anything like that! I just allow myself to give in to temptation.

I know that whatever sin I am choosing is wrong, that it endangers my soul, and hurts the One who loves me most, but there are times when my stupid (human) side thinks that I know best and that somehow the end result will be different from the last time I sinned. Not my brightest moments.

But even though there’s a lot of darkness and pain that comes with choosing to turn away from God, there is beauty in those situations as well. How so? Well, God loves us unconditionally– meaning He loves us even when we choose not to love Him. And, like Brittany pointed out in her post, He gives us the freedom to mess up and the freedom to come back into His love and mercy when we are ready! Confession, anyone??

This freedom- the freedom of free will- is a beautiful gift! It allows us to have an actual relationship with God, instead of being subjects of some dictatorship.

Think about it. God, our Creator, loves us so much that He lets us love and know Him if we want to. It’s not some prerequisite for existing, just something He longs to have with us if we make that choice. Praise the Lord for that gift, too! Otherwise I would have FOR SURE been struck down by lightning or something along those lines during my teen years!

Speaking of my teen years… I’ve been in a dictator-like “relationship” before. One where there were many conditions for me to meet in order to receive “love” (quotations because it was NOT love). Looking back, I know that those two, long years were the time of my life that I experienced the least amount of freedom. I was trapped by abuse, weighed down with negativity, and enslaved in sin.

promise you, this is not what we get in a relationship with God.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church has a whole article about freedom. I won’t make you read all of it right now, but feel free (ha!) to look it up on your own if you want- it’s CCC 1730-1748. I do, however, want to leave you an excerpt from CCC 1742:

“The grace of Christ is not in the slightest way a rival of our freedom when this freedom accords with the sense of true and the good that God has put in the human heart. On the contrary, as Christian experience attests especially in prayer, the more docile we are to promptings of grace, the more we grow in inner freedom and confidence during trials, such as those we face in the pressures and constraints of the outer world.”

We can all find that freedom in free will!

EE- Freedom- Caitlyn (1)




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