Know, Love, & Praise: The Freedom to Choose

I once heard that humans were created for a sole purpose: to know, love, and praise God. And, if we play our cards right, we will join the saints in Heaven in knowing, loving, and praising God. When we consider that purpose, what is even more beautiful is the gift God the Father gave us – the gift of whether or not to know Him, to love Him, and to praise Him.

God gives each and every single one of us the gift of free will.

He doesn’t force us to know Him, although He gently calls to each of us.

He doesn’t force us to love Him, although He offers each of us the saving redemption of His Son.

He doesn’t force us to praise Him, although He showers us with beauty daily.

Know,Love, &Praise_The

Sometimes, it is so easy to become distracted. We get sidetracked by the noise in our lives. Even our own faith can become a distraction, as we focus on the wrong things – whether or not we are being a “good enough” Catholic, or whether or not we are worthy of His time, attention, and love.

But, here’s the kicker: those distractions pale in comparison to the radiance of love God offers us!

He only waits for us with His hands outstretched. Patiently, He waits for us to sit quietly with Him… to see Him amidst the noise.

When we worry about not being gate “right” kind of Catholic, or being worthy of His love, we are playing into the devil’s hand. We stop focusing on our purpose, and find ourselves entangled in a. web of doubt, worry, and confusion. We allow these feelings to veer us wildly off course. The doubt, worry, and confusion drives a wedge between God and ourselves. And, often times, many people walk away from faith.

Some may never even return…

God allows for that choice.

However, faith is the well-spring of a relationship with God.

From faith comes hope – in God, in His goodness, and in our salvation.

And, hope begets love. Love for God, which transforms us into creatures who love our neighbor.

God places tools along our path to remind us of our purpose – in the little moments we are given to exhibit and share the gifts of faith, hope, and love to another. It is in those moments, when we abandon the doubt, worry, and confusion, and focus on knowing Him, loving Him, and praising Him where we find the strength to carry on in our daily roles. It is in those moments where we find the courage to give of ourselves wholly, selflessly, and without reservation.

Because Christians understand the cost that freedom isn’t free – our salvation was purchased for a price…

Free will is the most beautiful gift of all – to have the ability to choose to know God, to love God, and to praise God.

Therefore, let us always rise… each day… and intentionally choose to know God better, to fall in love with God deeper, and to praise God louder.

Because He has given us all.

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