Freedom to Be Who He Created Me to Be

We’ve talked quite a bit this month about the freedom we find in having a relationship with Christ. Anni, Kirby, and I talked about the freedom of choosing to love God. Brittany discussed letting our children choose that freedom. Christina wrote a beautiful poem about her experience with freedom. Jessica found several quotes about freedom from the slavery of sin. And Kirby shared her thoughts and experiences of finding freedom in different vocations.

There are so many different ways that we experience freedom in our faith. However, not everyone sees this freedom- especially when it comes to women in the Church. For some reason, others think us Catholic women are oppressed. I assure you, this is far from the truth!

There are really very few rules as to what it takes to be a Catholic woman. In very simple terms, it comes down to following the Ten Commandments and partaking in the Sacraments- everything else is developing a deeper relationship with God. There is nothing more freeing than experiencing His love and sharing that love with others through the talents and traits He has given you!

Perhaps you were created to be a bold and courageous leader who leads others in fights against evil. St. Joan of Arc, anyone?

Perhaps you were created with a humble and compassionate heart that desires to serve others. St. Teresa of Calcutta may be a good patron for you…

Perhaps you were created to establish schools and organizations to teach others about God. Do you know St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s story?

Perhaps you were created to have the selflessness needed to make scary decisions to protect the lives of others, like St. Gianna Molla.

Perhaps you were created with the desire to pray tirelessly for the conversion of souls, no matter how much of a lost cause it may appear to be. Are you inspired by St. Monica?

I could go on and on… these are all examples of women who found freedom in their relationship with God. And they are Saints because of it!

I have never felt more freedom than I do as a Catholic woman.

How so?

Well, it really boils down to having the freedom to be who God created me to be!

I am a married Jesus-worshiping, frog-adoring, chocolate-loving, silly, enthusiastic, creative, compassionate, nurturing, ambitious, book-reading, outgoing-introverted Catholic woman who enjoys going to the beach with friends after weight training at the gym.

In all of those crazy characteristics of mine, I have the freedom to be a joyful Catholic and show the love of Christ to others through who I am as an individual.

We can all find that same freedom- just by being who He created us to be!






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