I Don’t Want Your Freedom

Read the title.  Can you hear George Michael (RIP) singing?  Is the song stuck in your head now?  Because it’s been stuck in mine for the past couple of days as I contemplated this month’s theme!

I’m not sure what George Michael intended to convey in the song, but it got me thinking.  When my husband and I were married, someone thought it was hilarious to bring a ball and chain to the reception and attach it to his ankle.  I was not amused.  Which, however, leads me to another song, this one by Paul Overstreet and aptly entitled Ball and Chain.  The relevant lyrics are: Love don’t feel like a ball and chain to me; when I’m close to you my heart feels wild and free.

Real love IS freeing.  Who do you think is more free–a woman who is committed forever in marriage to a man who loves her, or one entrapped in the hookup culture, trying to look and act a certain way to attract men, worrying about unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases?

Seguing now from marital love to God’s love, so many people think that religion is about rules and constrictions and giving things up.  But there is nothing more freeing than resting in the love of God.

As I wrote this, I thought about when I feel most free.  It might surprise some people to know that it’s on Sunday morning when I am sitting in our regular pew at church.

When we are living life according to our God-given natures, that is when we are most perfectly free–free to be who we are supposed to be, free to live as we were intended, free to do what is right.

Earlier this month, Jessica shared some great quotations illustrating this concept of freedom.  And I’d like to share one more, from our Holy Father:

Just because God created us in his image, we have also received from him the great gift that is freedom. If it is not used well, freedom can lead us away from God, can make us lose the dignity with which He has clothed us. This requires the guidelines, the guidelines and also the rules, both in society and in the Church, to help us to do the will of God, thus living according to our dignity as human beings and children of God. When it is not shaped by the Gospel, freedom can turn into slavery: slavery of sin.”



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