How the Feminine Genius Can Bring Peace to a Broken World

One of our favorite quotes from our patron Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross- otherwise known as Edith Stein- is “The world doesn’t need what women have, it needs what women are”.

This quote ran through my head all day yesterday as I balanced taking care of my family’s needs and reading through 9/11 remembrance posts on Facebook. Yesterday was my annual reminder, as though it’s not revealed to me daily, that we live in a broken world. Evil exists. Darkness is constantly trying to overpower our light.

I don’t say this to be depressing or to try to scare you, but it’s a reality we all need to be aware of… and, dare I say, embrace.


Because acknowledging the problem is half of the solution.

Only when we can identify that there is a need for us to fix something are we able to take the next steps to do so! And when we are looking at the goal of peace, we- as women- can play a huge role in bringing it to the world.

How so?

The feminine genius.

Not what traits we have, but who we are. Who God designed us to be! He designed us to be receptive. He designed us to be sensitive. He designed us to be generous. He designed us to be maternal.


How does being receptive bring peace to a broken world?

Well, women are designed to receive new life- biologically, emotionally, and spiritually. We welcome new life. We encourage new life. We see the value and dignity of new life. When we fully embrace this part of who we are, we have the insight and power to make huge pro-life changes in our culture!

Since pro-life means protecting life in all of its stages, making pro-life cultural stages would do wonders to bring peace to all generations.


Being sensitive does NOT make us weak!

Quite the opposite, actually. We are sensitive and more alert to the needs of others, giving us the power to make real and meaningful change. We can be the voice for the weak, unborn, vulnerable, sick, imprisoned, abused, abandoned… We have the ability to bring light and love to people struggling with every burden imaginable!

Can you imagine the peace our world would have if only one need of every person was acknowledged? Now imagine if all of their needs were recognized! Women have the power to do that.


Healing requires sacrifice. The Cross teaches us that.

If we are going to heal this broken world and build a peaceful culture, we need to make some sacrifices. Now, I’m certainly not saying men are not capable of the same sacrifices that women are. The “equal but different” conservation will have to wait for another day… what I am talking about, though, is the internal desire that God put inside us to practice generosity to the fullest capacity. This gift works alongside the other aspects of the feminine genius to meet needs in our culture that the human race would otherwise be unaware of.

To bring peace to the world, we need to be generous with our time, resources, and compassion.


We are ALL mothers.

And as a mother, you have a call to nurture, teach, and lead the future generations. We have the job of praying for others, providing for their needs, caring for them in their weakness and vulnerability, teaching them about Christ’s love, showing them how to be kind, guiding them through life challenges, and leading them towards a more peaceful society.

Whether your motherhood is physical, spiritual, or a combo of the two- YOU. ARE. A. MOTHER. And this part of the job applies to you, too!

We have a job to do.

As women, it is our responsibility to be who God designed us to be. The world needs who we are!

We are builders of a pro-life culture.

We are builders of a loving society.

We are builders of a peaceful world.



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