The Most Wonderful Time: A Twelve Day Gift to Our Readers

There are many popular tunes this time of year.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year is a pretty catchy tune, and as I sat to write these words, that song popped into my head. Because, as we await the celebration and festivities of Jesus’ birth, it truly can be the most wonderful time of the year, when our hearts are oriented toward Christ!

It can also be a frantic time of the year. In fact, our writing team here at Everyday Ediths has been so busy in the past several months, that we have had to change the trajectory of our writing group.

Instead of writing and posting a couple times a week, and each writer using this page as a platform to encourage other Catholic women in their spiritual journeys, we decided this past fall to take a small break and regroup. We decided to focus on writing collaboratively, using our group name as it was originally intended – to produce free, quality work meant to inspire, support, and enhance Catholic women’s lives.

Our writers are busy producing other projects for their individual blogs and brands, working, taking care of children, and being involved in every face of Catholic womanhood – and, we recognize our readers are doing the exact same thing. We don’t have much time on our hands, and quite frankly, neither do you!

So, we are excited to announce our first ever collaborative work – celebrating the most wonderful time of the year, by using another popular tune.

Last year, The History of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ passed our newsfeeds, as did an article debunking the claims of Catholic origin. However, the idea was already in its infancy, and our group thought we would take advantage of the song to really speak to our readers on each of the first 12 days of Christmas!

Therefore, we are excited to roll out The 12 Days of Christmas by Everyday Ediths for our readers. Each day has a brief reflection, and an even shorter prayer, meant to inspire, encourage, and support women in… well… being authentic Catholic women. It’s meant to bring light, joy, and a reminder of what it means to live with our hearts geared toward Christ – and, where we can turn to find more support when things get rough in our lives.

So, click the image below, and download your own FREE copy of The 12 Days of Christmas, as we begin our festive Christmas celebrations tomorrow… on the First Day of Christmas! We must also ask that you share this work with another Catholic woman in your life – as writers, we never know just who may need the words of encouragement, and we are thrilled to allow God to use us to spread His loving messages with others.

Copy of Blue and Green Trees Christmas Letterhead-2

Merry Christmas to each and every reader of our site!

And, don’t be shy in letting us know – what would you like to see us collaborate on in the future? Leave your ideas for us in the comments below!

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