No Lenten Lone-Rangers – Thoughts on Sacrifice

Discussions about sacrifice are all over the place in the Catholic blog-world during Lent, but I see something a little off sometimes - especially when discussing non-Lenten sacrifices. Those sacrifices we are called to make out of Charity for the spiritual or physical good of others that we all face regularly. Women, myself included, are …

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Growing in Beauty – A Calling to All Mothers

I have had a conversion, of sorts, in these past few years of motherhood. I have had a change of mindset that, while subtle, is still radical. It has effected all of the areas of my life and has shifted my choices drastically. I have decided that beauty is not a nice extra, but a necessity in my life. I have decided to live beauty to the best of my abilities, to use all of my talents, and value the pretty. This conversion came about because I finally had to admit that survival mode is not a living mode.