The Most Wonderful Time: A Twelve Day Gift to Our Readers

There are many popular tunes this time of year. It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year is a pretty catchy tune, and as I sat to write these words, that song popped into my head. Because, as we await the celebration and festivities of Jesus' birth, it truly can be the most wonderful time of …

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Love is Not Possible Without Freedom

God desires one thing from us: our love. For us, doing that is fairly simple, though not always easy. All we need to do is obey His commandments and to do His will in all things. It gets tricky when we realize that God gave us Free Will, meaning that some of us will choose …

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The Rewarding Price of a Mother’s Sacrifice

At the beginning of the year, our regularly contributing authors asked members of our Facebook group if any would like to be guest featured throughout the year on this blog. We had several members express interest. In today's post, we bring you the first of several guest writer's for 2018! We hope her piece will provide inspiration for our readers to perhaps continue living their vocation, or secondary vocation, to its fullest. How do you willingly and lovingly sacrifice in your vocation? We'd love to hear from you!

“Keeping Our Kids Catholic” CWBN Roundup

"As parents, we are the first introduction to faith formation for our children. We are also the first to launch them on their own, individual mission in life, teaching them the how's and the why's behind choosing a life responding to God's word." The monthly theme of "mission" intersected beautifully, and unintentionally, with the CWBN theme of "Keeping Our Kids Catholic." Don't miss the roundup of Everyday Ediths bloggers, responding to the CWBN Theme!