Sacrificing Lent

Maybe the problem is that I have always enjoyed Lent just a little too much.  I've actually looked forward to it with excitement, thought of it as a challenge, taken on some serious disciplines and stuck to them. But it was last year at this time that I realized that Lent wasn't meant to be …

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The Rewarding Price of a Mother’s Sacrifice

At the beginning of the year, our regularly contributing authors asked members of our Facebook group if any would like to be guest featured throughout the year on this blog. We had several members express interest. In today's post, we bring you the first of several guest writer's for 2018! We hope her piece will provide inspiration for our readers to perhaps continue living their vocation, or secondary vocation, to its fullest. How do you willingly and lovingly sacrifice in your vocation? We'd love to hear from you!

The Greatest Example of Love

"While not all of us are called to end our lives for the love of another, we are called to devote our lives for love of another..." In today's post on the theme of Love, Anni explores the ultimate example of love, and how it should provide us with the power to love radically, as we approach Valentine's Day and Lent this year. How will you allow Christ's example of love guide you?