The Power of Femininity

"Yet, what makes a woman feminine? Is it the clothing she wears? The jewelry which may, or may not, adorn her limbs? Is it her hairstyle?  Or, could it simply be something more? Could there be more to the concept of femininity?" In today's piece, Anni explores femininity as it pertains to something just a little deeper than what the eye sees...


Have Courage and Be Kind: A Take on Catholic Womanhood

"From the female saints who have been declared Doctors of the Church (St. Hildegard of Bingen, St. Therese of Lisieux, and St. Teresa of Avila), to the lifestyles and celebrated feast days of various female saints, to the reverence with which we treat Mary, the Mother of God, and finally, to the teaching that the Church herself embodies the attributes of womanhood, the Catholic Church recognized - and recognizes - the inherent dignity, worth, and value of women."

Gratitude & the New Liturgical Year

"We forget to acknowledge the ultimate gift He has given us, that of free will. The ability to choose to surrender our control, and the need of it, to follow His will; or, the ability to charge head-first into our own messes without a backward glance. I am so guilty of overlooking moments in my life in which I should be grateful. I get bogged down in the mess which I admit right here is made of my own free will - trying to insert my will and desires into my life, and not relinquishing that need for control to the One ultimately in charge!" With a new Liturgical Year preparing, Anni from "A Beautiful, Camouflaged Mess of A Life" proposes a "New Liturgical Year Resolution" for all of our readers at Everyday Ediths. She also shares links to the #CWBN Blog Hop for this month - tackling the theme of Advent traditions. Don't miss our post this Tuesday before Thanksgiving!

Growing in Beauty – A Calling to All Mothers

I have had a conversion, of sorts, in these past few years of motherhood. I have had a change of mindset that, while subtle, is still radical. It has effected all of the areas of my life and has shifted my choices drastically. I have decided that beauty is not a nice extra, but a necessity in my life. I have decided to live beauty to the best of my abilities, to use all of my talents, and value the pretty. This conversion came about because I finally had to admit that survival mode is not a living mode.