Sacrifice for Our Children

It's Passiontide! It's almost Holy Week! THE LENTEN FINISH LINE IN ALMOST HERE! Even if your kids didn't have a particular Lenten discipline this year (mine don't) these final days of Lent are the perfect time to model a little more intentionally the concepts of sacrifice, fasting, and mortification. It's not as scary as you …

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When Joy Isn’t Happiness

  "Why aren't you happy?"  I must have asked myself that question thousands of times in the dark days of battling postpartum depression as a brand new mom with my first baby. I knew technically why, brain chemistry being out of whack will throw you for a loop, but what about once that is sorted …

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I’m Grateful I’m a Catholic. Here’s (at least) 5 Reasons Why.

As Catholics, we have a lot to be grateful for. Here are (at least) 5 things to celebrate.  A few weeks ago, I wrote an article for CatholicMom about cultivating gratitude in your kids. I wrote it under the auspices that my children were lacking in that department, but the truth is, it's a place …

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