Unexpected Epiphanies

  My oldest memories are not of the sort a child should have. My childhood was filled with uncertainty, tears and a feeling that I was the fruit of a very unhappy marriage where unkindness, pride and selfishness were dominant. Strong words, broken plates, slammed doors and car engines driving away were the only constants. …

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My epiphany of our calling to give

The original Epiphany we celebrated a few days ago commemorated Jesus’ physical manifestation on earth thousands of years ago. Now we think of modern day epiphanies as earth-shattering dramatic moments where we suddenly understand something previously unknown. Or is that just me? My life doesn’t contain too many of those. But there are many times …

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My Epiphany Story

Here’s a picture from my favorite Epiphany, ten-ish years ago: Obviously the Feast of Epiphany has held a special place in my heart since. But my appreciation of epiphany goes beyond sentimentality.  I firmly believe that God speaks to us, revealing little bits of truth, little bits of Himself, throughout life.  It’s our job to …

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